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We have collected the best web hosting guides for anyone building or growing a web site. These guides are very extensive and will help you create, extend, and maintain your web site.

HTML Guide (Includes CCS and Javascript)
PERL Guide
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HTML Guide
Featuring guides covering Anchors and Links, Applets, Character Entity References, Document Tags, Embedded Objects, Fonts, Forms, Frames, Ignore-Me Code, Images, Lines and Paragraphs, Lists, Logical Tags, Scripts, Sounds, Style Sheets, Tables, and a couple of weird tags - HTML Guide Table of Contents

PERL Guide - Covering all the basics and more including: Getting Started, Working with Scalars, Arrays, Control Structures, Associative Arrays (Hashes), Regular Expressions, Subroutines - PERL Guide Table of Contents

PHP Guide - Covering the complete language including: Getting Started, PHP Language Basics, PHP Variables, PHP and HTML Forms, IF Statements, FOR Statements, WHILE Loops, MySQL Functions (see MySQL Home), All Functions - Long! - PHP Guide Table of Contents

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